MaGach 6b Batash
Review by Simon Barnes Kit #72002

The Magach 6 Batash is the second release from Cromwell in this scale, based on the M60A1 in real life the Magach 6 is better known for having the Blazer armour package fitted and being seen with the large ERA bricks fitted around the turret and hull front. The Batash version uses a later variant armour package designed to defeat both shaped charge and Kinetic energy warheads.

The hull is moulded in one piece with the tracks and wheels in place, all the armour parts are in place as is the belly armour, the headlights are also moulded in place unfortunately mine broke off in transit and before I noticed they were missing my wife had done the hoovering !There is some very thin flash to remove from in between the wheels, which comes away very easily. Cromwell have chosen to use the steel wheels and not the Aluminum ones supplied in most conversions, despite what some people think the steel wheels are more common, I have more pictures showing steel wheels than I have showing the Aluminum ones. All details are finely represented and from my references correct. As with the Merkava 2 Dor Dalet Cromwell have used the better Esci /Italeri Merkava tracks with added guide horns, there are also the two blocks to remove the bottom of the tracks.


The turret is molded as one piece, with the tow ropes molded very finely in place with just some small "sprues" to remove between the turret.As with the Merkava all of the parts are for the turret, with the commanders and loaders hatches, the 60mm mortar and the MAGs and the .50 cal for above the main gun. Two different types of armour for the Mantlet are provided, one with a .50 cal fitting and one without, as not all Magachs have them fitted, the main gun has the MRS mirror at the end and thermal jacket. The turret is based on the Revell kit and as such as in the kit the main gun doesn't move in elevation.

The add on armour for the mantlet without the .50 cal mount has a very fine texture to it, as can be seen in the comparison below this is also present on the real vehicle, however it will take careful painting to bring this texture out.

As with the Merkava 2 Dor Dalet I would recommend this kit to all, the small number of parts and quality of casting doesn't make this resin kit the realm of the more experienced modeler, a must for all IDF fans and modern armour fan plus those that fancy something different to big German Cats.

No Instructions are provided in the kit as are no decals, so it will be handy to have some reference to hand when attaching the parts, as for markings, although there are no markings for this specific variant (markings are few on the real vehicle) the Bison Decal sets for IDF armour and the Revell kits should provide some help.

Many thanks to Gordon Brown of Cromwell Models for providing the Review example.


Modern Israeli Tanks and Infantry Carriers 1985-2004 by Marsh Gelbart Osprey publishing New Vanguard 93

Various photos from the internet


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