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10.5cm E-75
10.5cm E-75 Jagdtiger

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These are a related set of "What If - Paper Panzers" produced by Cromwell in their 1/72 scale "Combat Ready" range. This range is aimed at the modeler with little time to assemble kits, but who is also not willing to sacrifice too much on detail either. In this regard, you can consider these models as resin "Quick Build" kits.

Both kits are based on the hull of the proposed version of the E-75 series 75 ton tank.

  • Kit 72034: 10.5cm E-75 (15 parts)
  • Kit 72127: 10.5cm E-75 Jagdtiger (7 parts)

These kits represent proposed versions of the E-75, a vehicle that never existed. The various versions are based on possible existing drawings and/or pure speculative fantasy on the part of the designer of the kit masters.

  • The models are cast in grey resin
  • There is no instruction manual or painting guide
  • The models are simple to build but will need much reworking to bring them to an acceptable level for display or contest purposes
  • There are no decals
  • There are no tools

The hull and track are cast as one single piece and the casting is upside down leaving the plug on the bottom of the hull. The upper side and sidewalls are without air bubbles or flash.

The underside (casting side) of the hull and the tracks are the weak point of the model. The underside of the hull has numerous air bubbles and on the tracks there are casting blocs. It will be necessary to delete the casting blocs and to rework the belly of the body.

There is flash between the tracks that you have to clean carefully. Personally I don't like one piece casting of track units as they make the moulds complicated and subject to early wear and tear during removal of the parts.

If it is needed to simplify a model, then I prefer that the wheels & track units be separate pieces from the hull with the outer wheels also as separate castings. This method will give a better end product and the mould will not suffer from unnecessary damage.

The hatches on hull and turret are open. The other separate parts are well cast.

The lack of a construction manual is not a problem. With so few parts the model out-of-the-box is very easy and quickly built. For a display model you will need to do a lot more work. First the track units need to have the flash removed. The large number of air bubbles will need filling, some parts should be reworked, and more detail should be added, such as tools, cables and tow loops. For the missing tools and so forth, you will have to purchase some from another source, scavenge from your spare box, or do some scratch building, as can be seen in my inprogress construction pictures below. Regarding the turrets, all of them are nicely cast and are simple to put together.

These are easy models for the wargamer, members of the wargame "World of Tanks", and for collectors that are interested in German "What If - Paper Panzer" vehicles. For those who want a display model, a lot more effort will be needed during construction to make an acceptable model.

Pictures and review of a built and painted model can be found here.

Review samples supplied by Gordon Brown of Cromwell Models.

Kit 72034: 10.5cm E-75
Assembled Parts (plus added detail - white, tan & wire parts)
Kit 72127: 10.5cm E-75 Jagdtiger
Assembled Parts (plus added detail - white, tan & wire parts)
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Article Last Updated: 30 March 2013