Panzer IV Ausf. D

Manufacturer: Commanders Series Models (Kit No. 3019)

Although marketed as a complete kit, there are, in fact, several smaller details not included, such as headlights, pioneer tools, etc. This is essentially a modified ESCI Panzer IV kit. Most of the appropriate changes and modifications for the Ausf. D have been made. The front hull shape has been changed, and spaced armor has been added. The engine deck has been altered, but the filling of the engine grates was not completely smooth, and will need to be touched up. The engine exhaust pipes have been altered accordingly. Unfortunately, the only detail that was overlooked was the early style sprocket and idler wheels. The wheels in the ESCI kit (and hence, this one) are appropriate only for later model Panzer IV's. Unless some early wheels can be found somewhere else, it will be very difficult to scratch-build your own. The gun barrel will need to be lengthened a bit, as the example in my kit has been short-shot. The ends of the fenders have also suffered from air bubbles in the mold, and need to be fixed. Many of the smaller details needed to be added to this kit can be obtained from the Hasegawa Panzer IV Ausf. F1.

Aside from the incorrect wheels, this resin kit is very good, and should build into an excellent Panzer IV D. Unfortunately, Commander Series has left the small scale armor market, so this kit is now out of production.

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