CPL Overby's Motor Pool Panther II
Kit #MP028 Review by Tony Ivey  

The Cpl Overby updated Panther II is still lacking on the running gear being correct (spacing of the rear bogies).

Above: Cpl Overby, below Modell Trans

The engine deck still needs work. The Panther II (the one found) did not have the extra grills across the 4 intakes and no extra raised compartment on the left side. Also, don’t forget that the real Panther II only had a test weight turret on it! (See photo below.)
Of course since his kit is of the proposed Panther II with the turret, these 2 areas are mute to talk about. All the other minor details on the hull can be waved off as ‘updates’ on later production models…

PS: This is not the only Panther II out there. Modell Trans also has one (MT72356).


Achtung Panzer # 4 - Panther, Jagdpanther & Brummbär, by Araki (ed.)
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Last updated: 07 December 2012