Corporal Overby's Motor Pool

Jagdpanzer E-100 (Krokodil)

Kit # MP055

Preview by Kevin Liang - kevin_liang123(at)yahoo(dot)ca

Edited by
Rob Haelterman
Here we have Ken ‘Cpl’ Overby’s resin Krokodile, used to convert Dragon’s E-100. As normal for Ken’s kits, the conversion is hefty, and weighs quite a bit. As standard from him, the kit is well moulded, with parts cast on a thin sheet of resin that’s easily removed from the casting sprues.
The main body is cast as one lump sum, with the casting block on the bottom. However, Ken removes the large casting blocks, so there is no messy removal as with Cromwell Models. (Casting blocks on delicate tracks? What is Gordon thinking…but I digress.)

The conversion kit replaces the whole hull of the E-100 kit, so there is no need to cut parts to fit like with some conversion kits.
Note: I already attached the gun to the body; normally the gun is separate.

Here are the other parts the kit came with (pardon the glare), with two flame suppressing mufflers, an anti-aircraft turret (with 20mm auto cannon), and two hatches. The main gun of the Krokodile seems to be a lengthened 150mm gun.

Top view.

Ken reworked the engine deck of the Krokodile; the E-100 kit had the older, Tiger II style deck. Now it has the late style.

Although this might be my personal nitpick, I feel the rear superstructure wall should not be slanted. Yes it provides extra protection, but rear protection is not paramount in tanks, except for the E-100 apparently where the rear hull is thicker than the side! (150mm rear vs. 120mm side.). Besides, it reduces work space inside the vehicle. (But since it’s a paper tank…oh well.)

Conclusion: Ken has given us an excellent conversion kit for the E-100. It’s a shame Dragon stopped making the E-100. If you can grab an E-100 kit, definitely add this kit to your collection.
Highly Recommended.

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Article Last Updated: 10 November 2013

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