Sturmgeschütz StuG III Ausf.G
Late/Spät version
Kit # 72004 Review by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com
This set is meant for the Revell kit (03132), and is more an upgrade kit than a conversion kit, as the Revell kit is already a late version (December 1944, apart from some quibbles).

Picture above: some of the parts

Picture above: some of the parts

Picture above: steel return roller sof 2 different types

1. Packaging

Semi-sturdy side opening cardboard box

2. Type of kit

Multi-piece resin update kit with decals, which are most appreciated!

3. Quality of casting


4. Parts and accuracy

You get

  • correct late type return rollers, which, to me, is the major error in the Revell kit as the latter shows all characteristics of a December 1944 model, by which time the rubber return rollers would have been very rare.
  • a new Topfblende ("Saukopf"). The difference with the Revell part is the shape, which is more rounded (and hence more correct). You also get some detail of the recuperater cylinders which are prominently visible behind the mantlet.
  • a new deflector for the exhaust which is a bit larger and thinner and its supports .
  • a new tow bracket with better detail than the Revell piece .
  • 5 lifting hooks (which are absent in the Revell kit).
  • 2 lateral armor plates. A typical late war field modification.
  • a better persicope with an internal support .
  • a box for the rear deck to replace the Revell part.
  • 2 antenna bases to fit to the supports in the Revell kit (which is thus a command vehicle).
  • a better remote controlled MG and thinner shield.
  • a fire extinguisher to replace the Revell part.
  • a jack to replace the Revell part.
  • a tubular convoy light which is missing in the Revell kit .
  • a Notek light to replace the Revell part. (I guess two are supposed to be present in this kit, judging from the broken part next to it, but I only found one)
  • a gun travel lock to replace the Revell part. (two provided ; one was broken)
  • one unidentified part

5. Instruction sheet

Multiple pictures showing the location of the parts, taken from their very similar StuH kit. Apparently, the sprue lay-out is different between the pictures and the kit, making identification a bit harder. No parts numbers are provided.

6. Decals

Surprisingly for this type of kit you get decals for two marking options.

Picture above: small decal set (I will try to get a better picture...)

Picture above: 2 marking options

7. Conclusion :

I can only applaud for the quality of the pieces in this set. The inclusion of decals is very nice.

However, comparison between the parts in this set and the Revell kit only shows how good the latter actually is, and while there will be an improvement, it will go largely unnoticed for those without AMS.

I could have lived with a set that only included the return rollers, and possibly the gun mantlet; still without using PE, this is probably the best late StuG you will ever build in this scale (or at least, perhaps, until Dragon releases one).

Replacement drive sprockets, with the bolts and no hubcap would have been nice too, as this was also a typical late ware feature.

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Article Last Updated: 27 November 2008