PzKpfw II Ausf C

Kit # 72870

Preview by Miro Baric - baricz(at)smallscaleafv.com
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Gone are the days when Attack produced short run kits with soft details and poor fit. The quality of their latest offerings is light years ahead. This kit is no exception.

This is the first kit in the PzKpfw II series planned by Attack. It is the early model with rounded nose armor. It is not entirely clear if Attack wants to represent an Ausf.c or an (early) Ausf.C. (Yes, both existed, and they were not the same.) Some explanation:
- the boxtop says Ausf c.
- no turret splashguard according to the instructions (as per Ausf. c), but it is included in the kit (so you can build it as an Ausf.C)
- flat driver's visor according to boxtop and instructions (Ausf. c), but the later version for the Ausf.C is included as well. More confusingly, the instructions show the flat visor, but give the part number for the domed visor.
- louvers behind the radio operator station are transversal. This is definitely not Ausf. c, but Ausf. C.
All this would mean that you could actually better build it as an Ausf.C with the available kit parts, or modify the louvers.

There are many parts for other versions, that are not used this time. For example, there is new nose armor and a new turret front for a later Ausf. C version (so you could choose that version as well), parts for a command version, or for the „Ladungsleger“ special explosive layer tank.
Back to this Ausf. c/C version. There are five sprues with plastic parts and two casting blocks with resin bits. There are neither flash or molding imperfections. I´ve found only minor sink marks on the suspension arms, but they won‘t be visible.
Smaller details are provided in resin: gun barrels, jack, exhaust cover, towing hooks and track parts, which are bended around the idler and drive sprocket. The rest of the tracks is made from plastic.
Tools are molded together with the fenders. Not a single hatch is molded open, which is the biggest fault of this kit.
Attack is offering the same kit as a „Special Edition“ with a complete resin interior, including engine and transmission.

Decals are provided for only one vehicle. Instructions are not very precise about the placement of the decals, but the box art may be helpful. The only option is a gray/brown vehicle from the Polish campaign in September 1939.
(Ed.Note: the markings are for 4.Pz.Div.)

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Article Last Updated: 07 May 2010