Soviet WWII Soldiers at Party

Kit #: AR F7221 Preview by Rob Haelterman

Good figures are, in my opinion, a key element to a good diorama. I am therefore continuously on the lookout for original poses. This set would fit that bill, giving us five figures performing acts of joy.

Four figures wear the typical garb of the Soviet Frontnik, while one wears a skirt (which, fortunately, is in accordance with that figure's anatomy). One is playing the accordion, three are dancing merrrily and one performs the typical preesyadkee of the Cossack dance.

The figures scale out between 1m70 and 1m80, i.e. your average Caucasian male. The female, on the other hand, would be a large (though not too uncommonly large) specimen.

As with all resin figures, these need a little clean up. There is a faint mold seem to be found, and a rather prominently placed pour block adorns the backs of our tankers. This invariably means that the back has to be resculpted. OK, it is the easiest area to resculpt, but it's still a task. Apart from that, detail is very sharp and I especially like the folds in the tunics.

Figures procured by author through barter.

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Article Last Updated: 13 December 2013