PE superdetailing set for

PaK 38, PaK 97/38, PaK 50

Kit #: AR PE7230 Preview by Jose Maria Teja - jm_teja(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Marc Mercier

This photo etch set (PE) is designed for the ACE family of PaK 38 models, but I guess it could be useful for the other plastic and resin kits that are available and also for the self propelled versions of those guns.

Composed of a single 6x4 cm PE fret, the set is almost entirely devoted to the gun shield, though there are some other pieces for the gun itself and its carriage and you even get a few optional pieces, depending of the specific kit you are building. Considering the size of the model, there’s a pretty large number of tiny bits to glue.

Everything looks nice, but I have two complains about it.

The first are the recessed pins/bolts/rivets on the shield surface. Though for some modelers this might look ok once you weather the kit, I’m not in favor of such an approach and prefer the natural “raised” way, just like the real thing is.

My second complain is the omission of a better muzzle brake for the Pak 97/38. Armory took the care to include a much needed muzzle brake replacement for the PaK 50, but forgot the one for the PaK 97/38, which is grossly represented in both the PE piece of the ACE model and in the RB replacement barrel, so the chance to improve this was missed.



About the instructions, well, they are pretty clear and should offer a good guidance during the construction.


Preview sample purchased by the author.

This model can be purchased from Tracks & Troops

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Article Last Updated: 23 October 2016