WW II Ground Vehicle Set #1
Kit #1310 Review by Simon Barnes

Although there is a comparison of the Kettenkrad in this kit, there has not been until now a preview of the kit. In the box are four sprues, one for each vehicle and one clear sprue for the windows and also clear parts to show the tiny engines should you wish to do so.

First is the Kubelwagon, These kits are not as refined as probably later releases are, the hood can be modeled up or down, the interior is basically detailed although placement of some parts are an approximation such as the rear hand rail which actually attaches to the doors, there is a nice little engine included with a lear piece for the cover should you wish to display it so, a plastic cover is also included although really you could have just painted the clear part.

The Second vehicle is the Jeep, the difference here is that the jeep has the frame for the hood but no canvas, it can also only be modeled retracted. Again the interior is detailed with at least the gear stick being there but none of the other sticks. Again a basic engine is included as is a clear bonnet (or Hood for our U.S Friends) the windscreen is supplied as a clear part or a plastic part with out windows. A .50 Cal is supplied for mounting on the pedestal mount in the rear.

The last vehicle is the kettenkrad, with it being so small the rest of the sprue is taken up with Jerry cans oil/fuel drums and various boxes. Again a basic engine is included, the tracks units are single piece with the track moulded in place, this works quite well in this scale. the comparison can be found here

The clear parts for the vehicles

Decals are provided and are very well printed but basic

Unfortunately I have no references for these vehicles although the Kettenkrad and Kubelwagon look OK the Jeep looks a bit odd and I am not sure why, maybe it has something to do with the windshield, when I find the Heller/Airfix Jeep I will do a comparison of the two.

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Article Last Updated:14 Oct 2005