Leva Productions
website: email: a_levesque_2000(at)yahoo(dot)com
Resin kits from Canada. Leva also markets several vehicle accessories and diorama items. We have omitted the kits for the Medieval period.

Write to LEVA for a price list and ordering information:

LEVA Productions
Apt. 8, 444 Ogilvy Avenue
Montreal, QC
Canada, H3N 1M5

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72A01 37mm Flak 43, German   Preview    
72A02 105mm Pack Howitzer, USA        
72A03 76.2mm Zis-3, M-42   Preview    
72A04 .58 Gatling Gun & Limber, ACW/Zulu        
72A05 William 1pdr. Wheeled        
72A06 12 pdr "Napoleon Gun" & Caisson        
72A07 "Dictator" Heavy Mortar, w/Base Amerian Civil War      
72A08 Japanese WW2 70mm Gun on Wheels   Preview    
72A09 75mm M1897, Caisson, Spoked Wheels        
72A09/1 75mm M1897, Caisson, Cast Metal Wheels        
72A09/2 75mm M1897, Caisson, N. Africa Version        
72A09/3 2 * 75mm Caisson        
72A09/4 75mm M1897 in Barbette        
72A10 88mm PaK 43 and SDH   Preview Stephen Brezinski  
72A10/1 88mm PaK 43 Gun Only        
72A13 57mm ATG M-43        
72A14 105mm Type 92 Caisson        
72A14/1 105mm Type 92 Gun Only     Stephen Brezinski  
72A15 105mm fH 18, Caisson, Spoked Wheels        
72A17 105mm fH 18, Pak 40 Chassis   Preview    
72A17/1 105mm fH 18, Pak 40 Chassis, Pressed Wheels     Stephen Brezinski  
72A17/2 105mm fH 18, Barbette Mounting   Preview    
72A18 PaK 40        
72B01 Wasp Flamethrower Carrier Field Mod., UK Preview Stephen Brezinski  
72B02 Austin-Putilov Armoured Car WW1, WW2, USSR      
72B03 T-16 Carrier with 4.2" Mortar UK        
72B04 BT-8, USSR        
72B05 KV-1s        
72B06 SU-152   Preview    
72B07 Russian KV-85        
72B08 Italian L3/33 Flame Tank        
72B08/1 Italian L3/33 20mm        
72C01 SU-76i Conversion for Matchbox, Esci or Revell Panzer III (1/76th). Picture

72C02 LVT & APC Upgrade, Weapons        
72C03 M4A1 Sandbag Armor Conversion for ESCI #8308      
72C04 Pz IV/70 (Interim) Conversion for ESCI Pz. IV   Stephen Brezinski  
72C05 Crocodile w/Trailer Conversion for ESCI Churchill Preview    
72C05/1 Churchill VII Conversion for ESCI Churchill Preview    
72C06 "Jumbo" (M4A3E2) Conversion for Hasegawa 172shermans.com    
72C07 "Zelda" M-113 Upgrade, Weapons        
72C08 T-34/76 [D] 'ChtZ' 1943 Turret     Doug Chaltry  
72C10 T-34/85 Model 1943 Turret   Picture   Stephen Brezinski
72C11 US M4 105mm Turret [D-Day]        
72C12 UK M4 'Firefly' Turret   Preview    
72C12/1 UK M4 'Firefly' Turret w/Late Cupola   Preview Stephen Brezinski  
72C13 US M4 Turret, Whiz Bang 7.2 Rockets   Preview    
72C14 KV-85/IS-1 Turret        
72C15 T-34 Berlin Upgrade       Stephen Brezinski
72C16 Japanese Type 97 Chi-Ha Upgrade        
72C18 T-34-85 Model 1944 Flattened Turret (early)   Picture Rob Haelterman Stephen Brezinski
72C19 T-34-85 Model 1944 Composite Turret (early)   Picture   Stephen Brezinski
72C20 KV-1S Turret        
72C21 M4A2 Upgrade Set Wooden side armor, new .50cal MG, and early turret w/o loader's hatch. Preview    
72C22 M4A2 Upgrade Set Wooden side and front armor, new .50cal MG, and early turret w/o loader's hatch. Preview    
72C23 Sherman 76mm T23 Turret Includes new turret, commander's hatch, and .50cal MG. Preview 172shermans.com  
72C24 Culins Hedge Cutters Includes 12 cutters of six designs (2 each) for M4 medium and M3 light tanks. Preview    
72C25 M4 105mm Turret Late Version   Preview    
72N01 LCVP landing craft        
72N02 Armored Patrol LCVP        
72N03 Seibel Ferry (Seelowe), 50t rating        
72T01 Ford 1/4 ton Amphibious Jeep   Preview    

Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72C09 PT-34 Mine Roller Conversion     Doug Chaltry  
72C17 German Infra-red Devices        
72C24 Cullins Hedgerow Devices For M4 Sherman tanks. Preview    
72E01 75 & 105mm Howitzer Ammo        
72E02 Assorted Toolboxes, Metal/Wood        
72E03 Cable and Towing Ropes        
72E04 US Field Ration 'C' and 'D'        
72E05 Add-on tarps, bedrolls, cammo nets        
72E06 Small arms ammo        
72E07 PAK 40 ammo        
72E08 Field Workshop   Preview    
72E09 Two different loads for Opel Blitz truck        
72E10 Two different loads for GMC 2.5 ton truck   Preview    
72E11 105mm leFH ammo        
72E12 Ger. Jerry cans, singles, racked        
72E13 UK 3.7 AA ammo, single, bundles   Preview    
72E14 USA Rockets Ammunition for Calliope & Whizz Bang (4.2inch & 7.2inch rockets) in bundles & singly    
72E15 88mm PaK 43 ammo, single, bundles     Stephen Brezinski  
72E16 Jerry Cans   Preview    
72E19 Depot bundles        
72E20 105mm ammunition        
72E21 155mm ammunition        
72E23 USA APC "Gypsy Caravan" various equipment - tarps, stove, side rack with mines for 2 US APCs      
72E24 Wooden Barrels        
72E25 German APC Uparmor and Stores        
72E26 Coiled Ropes #2   Preview    
72I01 Russian Weapons, WW2        
72I02 Allied Weapons, WW2        
72I03 Russian Pioneer Equipment, WW2 contains demolition charge, flame thrower and mined dog      
72I04 German Pioneer Equipment, WW2      
72I05 Allied Pioneer Equipment, WW2        
72I06 German Pioneer Equipment, WW2   Preview    
72I07 Japanese Weapons & pioneer equipment, WW2 contains LMG, anti-tank gun,13mm anti-aircraft gun      
72I08 Fallshirmjager weapons/pioneer   Preview    
72I09 Red Devil weapons/equipment   Preview    
72I10 USA mmg, hmg and ammo        
72I11 '101' weapons/equipment        
72I12 German WW1, WW2 mmgs & ammo        
72I13 Japanese lmg, mmg, naval hmg        
72P05 German Pontoon Bridge        
72T02 1800 US Supply wagon        
72T03 1800 European supply wagon        
72T04 Single axle wagon        
72T05 Field kitchen, German, horse drawn        
72T06 "Gribeauval" ammo caisson        

Diorama Items
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
72D01 Defensive position with disabled KV-1s        
72D02 Defensive position with 2 disabled BT-7        
72D03 German urban Flak43 emplacement        
72D07 Covered outpost        
72D13 Medium Anti-tank position        
72D14 88mm anti-tank and Flak38 position        
72D16 MG covered emplacement        
72D?? Rommel Asparagus        
72E22 Tree Stump (12)        
72F01 MMG sk casemate pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72F03 Pillbox with 47mm "Bis" turret pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72F04 88mm (s) Flak concrete emplacement pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72F05 Pillbox with KV-1 turret pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72F06 Japanese concrete AT emplacement pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72F07 Coastal FH/CP bunker pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72F08 Light Flak emplacement and shelter        
72F09 Panther Stellung        
72F10 Wooden 90mm-105mm gun emplacement        
72F11 Mediterranean MMG Pillbox pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72F12 5cm Stellung        
72F13 MMG wooden porcupines        
72F14 PzII Stellung and 5cm mortar pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72F15 Log medium AT covered log pillbox for medium gun up to 105mm howitzer      
72F16 Covered twin HMG log position pillbox with 4 firing slits      
72H01 Gardener House (Hougomont)        
72H02 Great Barn (Hougomont)        
72H03 Barn #2 (Hougomont)        
72H04 Walls and doorway (Hougomont)        
72H05 Russian thatched house        
72H07 Stone Tower        
72H09 Hougoumont toolshed        
72H11 Hougoumont cow house        
72P01 2 arches stone bridge        
72P02 Single arched stone bridge        
72P03 German pneumatic pontoon bridge        
72P04 3 arches stone bridge and ramp        
72R01 Medieval ruin        
72R02 Governmental ruin        
72R03 Normandie ruin        
72R04 Gardener house ruin        
72R05 Ruined version of 72P02        
72R06 Destroyed great barn and walls        
72R07 Tractor factory        
72R08 Medieval ruin        
72T07 Horses        

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