Reviews for the kits are provided on the ESCI/Ertl page. With the exception of the modern tanks (Leopards and Abrams), all of the kits in this line contain vinyl tracks.

The ESCI diorama sets are listed below this table.

Kit Number Kit Name
8001 Panzer III M
8002 Sd.Kfz. 251/1
8003 Panzer II
8004 Wespe
8005 Sturmgeschuts III G
8006 Elefant
8007 Opel Blitz
8008 King Tiger
8009 Jagdpanther
8010 Marder III Tank Hunter
8011 Jagdpanzer Hetzer
8012 Jagdpanzer IV
8013 Hummel
8014 Jagdtiger
8015 Sd.Kfz. 11 3-ton Halftrack
8016 US Marine Assault Group
8017 Russian Guards Infantry
8018 German Infantry Afrika Korps
8019 British Eighth Army Infantry w/6 pounder
8020 Pak 35/Pak 40 /Flak 38
8021 Panzer III M/N
8022 Sd.Kfz. 251/1 Rocket Launcher
8023 Panzer IV H
8024 Panzer IB
8025 Panzer 35(T) Skoda
8026 Panther A
8027 Sd.Kfz. 250/3
8028 M4A1 Sherman
8029 M12 155mm SP
8030 Fiat-Ansaldo M13/40
8031 Fiat Ansaldo 75/18
8032 T-34/76 1942
8033 Nebelwerfer 41 w/crew
8034 Red Devils Br. Paratroopers
8035 Opel Blitz 3, 6 Ambulance
8036 Matilda MkII
8037 KV-1c
8038 M3A1 Scout Car
8039 U.S. Light Truck WC 51 3/4 ton
8040 M6 w/37mm Gun
8041 Panzerbefehlswagon I
8042 Morris Quad Gun Tractor
8043 Churchill Mk. IV
8044 Bishop Mk.I
8045 British 25 Pdr gun & crew
8046 Panzerjager I Pak L/43
8047 T-34/76 1943
8048 Sd.Kfz. 250/9
8049 Churchill AMRCR
8050 Valentine Mk. III
8051 Sd.Kfz. 250/10 Anti-Tank
8052 Opel Blitz w/Flak 38 AA
8053 Sd.Kfz. 251/10
8054 Sd.Kfz. 11 3-ton Halftrack & Pak 40
8055 Sd.Kfz. 251/16 Flamethrower
8056 Panzerjager IV Sdkfz 162
8057 Panzer III Flampanzer
8058 Panzer IV G
8059 M4 Sherman Calliope
8060 Diorama Acc. WWII
8061 Japanese Infantry Imperial Guard
8062 Iwo Jima
8063 Flakpanzer IV Wirbelwind
8064 M4A3 Sherman
8065 Brummbar Sturmpanzer IV
8066 Sd.Kfz. 251/7 Pioneer Vehicle
8067 Sd.Kfz. 251/8 Armored Ambulance
8068 US Recce M3 French/Soviet
8069 Leopard 1 A2 (OTO Leopard)
8070 M1 Abrams
8071 Leopard 1 A3/A4
8072 M1A1 Abrams
8073 Leopard 1 A1A1 (LEO Turmverkleidung)
This second table contains a list of the ESCI diorama series. These sets usually contain two or three of the vehicles listed above, as well as a set of WW II Diorama Accessories, one or two sets of ESCI vinyl infantry (sometimes they use the hard plastic troops instead), and a vacuform plastic diorama base. Road sign decals are usually included for the diorama accessories, as is a separate instruction sheet giving specific information on the battle depicted. Although the choice of kits included with each battle is sometimes questionable, be aware that you won't always get what is pictured on the box, as ESCI had a tendency to replace the box contents with alternate kits. For example, the Moscow set that I bought was to contain a KV-1, but instead had a T-34. I have heard that others have experienced the same thing. Also, some of the boxes have later releases of the kits with hard plastic tracks, whereas others have older kits with vinyl tracks.
Number Name Included Items
2001 Arnhem - The Last Bridge Marder III, German Weapons Set, British Paratroops
2002 Moscow - Operation "Typhoon" KV-1, Nebelwerfer, Stug III, Russian and German Infantry
2003 El Alamein - The Desert Battle Semovente, Valentine, 6 pdr, Eighth Army and Afrika Corps
2004 Anzio - Allies Landing Pz IV, M4A1, German and US Infantry
2005 Sicily - Operation "Husky" Bishop, M13/40, Afrika Corps and UK Paratroops
2006 Ardennes - The Last Victory M12, German Weapon set, US and German Infantry
2007 Tobruk - Africa Gate Matilda, Sd.Kfz. 250, Pz.Jgr. I, Eighth Army and DAK
2008 Monte Cassino - Green Devil's Hill M4A1, 25pdr, German Weapon Set, US and German Infantry
2009 D-Day - The Longest Day M12, Dodge ¾ ton, German Weapon set, German and US Infantry
2010 Stalingrad - The Long Siege Sd.Kfz. 11, Opel Blitz Ambulance, Pz. IV, German and Russian Infantry
2011 Salerno - Hardest Landing Matilda, 25 pdr, German Weapon Set, Semovente, German and UK Infantry
2012 Don - The Long Retreat KV-1, Sd.Kfz. 11, Opel Blitz, German and Russian Infantry
2013 Siegfried Line - The Giant's Fall Quad Tractor, Jg.Pz. IV, Churchill AMRCR, Jagdpanther
2014 Operation "Zittadelle" - The Tank Battle T-34/76 1943, Panther A, German and Russian Infantry
2015 Tunisia - British Revenge Churchill, M3 Scout Car, GMC M6, Pz. IB? Eighth Army and Afrika Corps
2016 Operation "Barbarossa" - Russia Invasion Wespe, Pz. 35(t), T-34/76 1942, German and Russian Infantry
2017 Iwo-Jima - Inferno Island Iwo Jima Set, M12, Dodge Truck, US and Japanese Infantry
2018 Guadalcanal - War in the Jungle M3 Scout Car, Dodge Truck, US and Japanese Infantry
2019 Tarawa - The Desperate Struggle M3 Scout Car, GMC M6, US and Japanese Infantry
2020 Burma - The Green Hell Quad Tractor, 25 pdr, 6 pdr, British and Japanese Infantry
2021 Berlin - Die Götterdämmerung T-34, Stug. III, German Weapon Set, German and Russian Infantry
2022 Okinawa - The Final Clash M4A1, GMC M6, US and Japanese Infantry
2023 Kasserine Pass - US First Clash Sd.Kfz. 250/3, Pz. III, M4A1 Sherman, US and German Infantry
2024 Krimea - Sevastopol's Siege T-34/76 1942, Russian Soldiers, German Weapon Set, Sd.Kfz. 11, German Infantry
2025 Saipan - Prelude to Victory M4A1 Sherman, GMC M6, US and Japanese Infantry
2026 Singapore - Japanese Invasion Matilda, 25 pdr, 6 pdr, British and Japanese Infantry
2027 Bastogne  
2028 Saigon - The Tet Offensive UH1 Huey Helicopter, GMC M6, US Elite Troops and Viet Cong Infantry
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