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B.U.M. (Barcelona Universal Models), Mech-Sword and Pobeda all appear to be related in some form as kit boxings sometimes have multiple logos and the kits are sold exclusively through the same website. B.U.M. appears to be the umbrella organization located in Spain. It is thought that Pobeda and Mech-Sword labelled items are produced in Russia. The B.U.M. brand appears to be mostly pre-WW2 subjects, while Pobeda covers mostly WW2 Eastern Front subjects and Mech-Sword covers other WW2 subjects - American, British, Italian and Japanese.

Items are usually limited issue releases, mostly of kits from other manufacturers such as Airfix, Amodel, Atlantic, Esci, Fujimi, Giant, ICM, LW, Marx, Matchbox, Mir, Revell, RPM, SDW and UM, to name a few, and copied to a large degree. In many cases multi-part vehicles are re-cast as single or two piece resin items. There is no consistencey with material used. Many new releases are in hard and soft resin, though figures & accessories remain largely in plastic. Resin parts, especially the vehicles and guns, appear to be extremely crude.

Mech-Sword also produces plastic kits and resin kits.
Kit Number Kit Name Comments Previews Reviews Articles
172122Monte Cassino Ruins Italy 1944includes diorama base, figures and bunkers
172123Monte Cassino Ruins Italy 1944includes diorams base, German tank (unknown variant), wire and bunkers
172136WW2 Japanese Defences Iwo Jima5 piece diorama including MG nests, foxholes, palm trees and 4 figures
172137WW2 Japanese Mule Gun team with crew4 loaded mules, palm trees and 3 figures
172145British Airborne Division (Arnhem, Too Far..)23 figures and 3 bases
172170Iwo Jimaincludes 3 infantry figures, 4 loaded mules and resin diorama base
172171Japanese Naval Bunkerincludes resin gun, figures and diorama base
172176Mount Suribachi Japanese bunkerincludes resin bunker and base, 4 gun crew and 6 infantrymen
172181Malaysia10 figures on 6 resin bases and vacuformed trench
172182Singapore Naval Bunkerresin bunker with Cruiser gun and 6 crew
172190Peleilu Mud Trenchesincludes figures and diorama base
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Kit list last updated 26 June 2012