2010 Western Canadian Regional Model Contest Photos & report by Al Magnus
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The 2010 Western Canadian Regional Model Contest was held on Saturday, May 29th at the Bomber Command Museum of Canada, located on Highway 2 in Nanton, Alberta, Canada (appx. 80km south of Calgary, Alberta). The Nanton Museum has numerous aircraft, aircraft parts and vehicles on display with the showpiece of the museum being a Canadian built Lancaster, FM159. This amazing machine is one of just a few survivors of the wholesale disposal of wartime aircraft following the end of hostilities in 1945. It has suffered through a lot over the years and is currently being restored, though not to flight worthiness, by the museum. During the 2009 model contest two of the bombers engines were operable and part of the day's activities included a run up of the massive Rolls-Royces. Unfortunately for 2010, the below normal cold, snowy and rainy weather being experienced over much of the western Canadian provinces at the end of May precluded any attempt at running up the now three operable engines on the bomber.

2010 was the second year the contest was held at the museum and the venue is absolutely perfect for displaying models. With the aircraft outside, the large hanger is able to hold rows upon rows of tables. The lighting is excellent and the atmosphere perfect. This contest is an annual affair hosted by the Rocky Mountain Model Club and attracts modellers from the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and from parts of the United States.

As usual all the Braille Scale armour and guns were all lumped in to the same category, 12K, along with the 1/48 scale entries. As mentioned above the attrocious weather was not welcome and the number of entries in the Braille category was slightly less than in 2009. The majority of entries were from the World War Two period. Quality was excellent throughout as usual, and the competition was top rate. In addition to the entries in category 12K there was one Braille entry in the Collections category, 17A. Here the Braille collections compete against an assortment of collections that included 1/35 scale armour, figures, aircraft and many others.

Normally I'm a rather staid individual but for this year's contest I decided to go the "whole geek" route in an attempt to attract as much attention as possible in Nanton. My plan was twofold. First I donned my Regina Scale Modellers club baseball cap to promote my local club. The second part of my plan was to print up and display an "On the Way!" tag to hang around my neck. Though the hat didn't garner any attention, the name tag worked like a charm. My first stroll through the vendor's area promptly attracted the attention of Roch Graveline, Brailler extrordinaire and ex-denizen of Ottawa. To say that I was surprised to run accross Roch in Calgary is an understatement. Once we figured out who each other was, we spent quite some time talking shop and getting aquainted. My next success came towards the end of the day when the awards were being presented and modellers were in the process of packing their entries for the trip back home. Alvin Perkins noticed my OTW tag and introduced himself, and once again a great time was had getting acquainted and talking shop. I learned that he was the builder of many of the Braille kits I felt were the class of the competition. With my "whole geek" routine deemed a great success I plan to do this for future contests.

For me the 2010 contest was a big personal success. Not only did I win a few awards but I was fortunate enough this year to meet many of my fellow Braille builders.

Below are a few pictures taken at the show. I have identified all of those models for which I have information. As for the others, if anyone can identify the builder, please contact me so the page can be updated.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a larger picture.

M4A2 Sherman III
by Alvin Perkins
Gold winner Category 12K
Best Smaller Scale Armour winner

Calgary Tanks Sherman V
by Massimo Santarossa
Best WW2 Allied Armour winner

M1 Panther with Mine Rollers

Staghound I diorama
by Alvin Perkins
Best Military Vehicle winner

Tiger I initial production
by Roch Graveline

M3 Stuart
by Alvin Perkins

FAMO Collection
by Steve Bathy
Silver winner Category 17A - Collections

M1126 Stryker
by Fred Bramhoff

Jagtiger (Porsche)
by Al Magnus
Best Tank Destroyer special award winner

by Al Magnus
Bronze winner Category 12K and
Just Deserts special award winner

Staghound Mk. II
by Al Magnus
Silver winner Category 12K and
Best Wheeled Military Vehicle special award winner

CMP truck
by Alvin Perkins

Fennek and HMMWV

M-8 Greyhound
by Al Magnus
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