Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf. H

Kit #: 5017 Preview by Salvador Mauri Micola - staticgrinder666(at)yahoo(dot)es
Edited by Rob Haelterman

As I already built some 1/72 Zvezda models in the past, I thought it would be cool to see how it works with this reference of the Pz. IV Ausf. H. My interest was focused on the construction of the running gear, as Zvezda’s construction system is very different than for most manufacturers out there.

I built the model just out of the box to see how the appearance of the model is when it is finished with no extra work or additions.

The fit of the pieces is very good, with no problems in any part of the model, as usual for this manufacturer. The detail and sharpness of the kit is also very well done, with all imaginable kind of features like rivets, tools, towing cable, etc…but you will have to drill out the muzzle barrel. Also the Schürzen plates are all put together and if you want to build them with only two or three per side you will have to cut them. Also about the Schürzen, hooks that hold each plate are integrated on the triangle support that are on the lateral bar, so if you want to cut some plate you will have to sand the hook that is integrated at each triangle support.
The detail of the tracks is extremely good, maybe the best I have seen in plastic.

The only major issue that I have had to deal with was the construction of the tracks. The idle wheel can be moved in its support as in the real tank, to tighten or to loosen the tracks, and as there is no pin to fix the idle wheel at the exact position, you will have to check the exact position for yourself. When I fixed the idle wheel it seems that I did not glue it in the exact position so, when I put the tracks, the fit was a bit short with a little gap from the beginning and the end of them, but fortunately, as the gap is on the upper part it remained hidden by the Schürzen system. So next time I build this same model kit I will have to take that in mind.
The bad thing with this is that it is almost impossible to leave the idle wheel unglued to check the fit of the tracks, but maybe other modelers will find a good way to deal with that.

I finished the model in a winter camo, as I wanted it very filthy and crusty and this model is perfect to check weathering techniques and stuff like that.
I think the historical accuracy of the decals is correct, but I don’t know if the particular vehicle was covered with Zimmerit, but maybe that would be the case.

All in all, this is a very pleasant model to build. As I said, fit is very good except the issue with the tracks, but if you do it right the result is good. This is a more complex build than other references from Zvezda (like for example the T-34/76 Zvezda #5001), but it is worth the effort, I think.


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Article Last Updated:
26 October 2020

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