Soviet SPG KV-6

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Preview by Henk Timmerman - henkofholland(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Rob Haelterman

Zebrano is a small 1/72 scale manufacturer from Belorussia, which has released some interesting Russian vehicles from the WW2 era. Not the same vehicles as with many other manufacturers, but more exotic subjects and prototypes of vehicles not earlier released in this scale. Some kits are manufactured in collaboration with other manufacturers using kit parts from brands like PST and UM.
The first 4 vehicles were released under the PST label. The later vehicles were released under the "Zebrano" label. These kits include a KV kit from PST or a Gaz truck from UM, with extra resin or brass parts from Zebrano. The company also released some completely new vehicles and figures.

I have found information that the code name KV-6 is possibly not correct, but that it must rather be "KV-7 variant 1 and 2".
(The KV tank with the KV-6 code was a vehicle with a flamethrower - A few KV-1ís were modified with a flame thrower at the front just to the right of the driver.)
Note: On some historical websites a discussion about the classification KV-6 can be found. Some websites claim that the KV-6 is a flamethrower tank while other sites state that this was variant 1 from the KV-7.

The KV-7 self-propelled gun was designed in November 1941 on the initiative of the ChKZ design bureau in Chelyabinsk and the UZTM design office in Sverldovske under the overall supervision of J. Kotin. Installation of the weapons by UZTM was supervised by KN Ilin and H. S. Efimov, from ChKZ - GNMoskvin. Senior engineer was LE Sychev. The vehicle was built on the basis of the KV-1 heavy tank with a different gun. The first prototype was made by UZTM in December 1941 and was tested on the shooting range. Final assembly of the machine was carried out by ChKZ in early 1942. It was the first heavy self-propelled gun in the Soviet Union during WWII. Series production was not pursued.

Its armament consisted of two 45mm and one 76mm cannon. As additional weapons it used two DT machine guns. Tests showed that the tank lacked in firepower for its intended role.


Hypothetical Combat Service:
Not accepted for series production, only used in tests.

The kit comes in a cardboard box. The parts are packed in separate plastic bags.
The box contains an instruction manual, complete plastic KV-1 kit from PST (minus turret), a resin fighting-compartment and 3 turned brass guns. There are no decals.
The resin fighting-compartment is very nice and sharply casted with closed hatches. The 3 brass barrels are nicely turned.

If the dimensions from the PST KV kit are correct then this kit is correct in 1/72 too.

Instructions and markings:
You may visit the Henk of Holland website, where you can find helpful images of the assembled kit.

Assembly hints:
In my example I needed to carefully remove some flash from the PST track wheels.
I also had to delete some small details on the KV around the turret ring before you can mount the fighting compartment.
(See instruction manual.)

A highly recommended kit. Congratulations to Zebrano!
For more information mail to: Zebranomodel(at)mail(dot)ru

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Article Last Updated: 28 February 2011