Russian KV-1 M1941 "KV Small Turret" Tank

Kit #: 07232 Review by Neil Lyall - nlyall(at)bigpond(dot)net(dot)au
Edited by Al Magnus

Ilian Filipov from Bulgaria sent me this picture of a damaged KV-1 in German markings, fitted with German panzer tracks. He said the photo caption suggested it was a 'mobile bunker'. His view was that it had most likely hit a mine which destroyed the track and idler wheel, and the panzer tracks were fitted to aid in recovering it. I tend to agree with his view. Either way, it makes an interesting subject for a small scene.

I started with a 1/72nd Trumpeter KV-1, their somewhat oddly titled: Russian KV-1 M1941 "KV Small Turret" Tank, kit number 07232.

Modifications I did to make this particular vehicle include:

  • Cut off the solid triangular mudguard supports and replaced with fine plastic strips and spare brass etch.
  • Cut off the front idler bracket and repositioned it so that it was angled forward, and drilled out the axle stub, as in the photo.
  • Cut the lid off the kit's toolbox, thinned the sides, and then added a new lid to the box mounted open.
  • Cut off the front section of mudguard and twisted and bent it so that it resembles the picture.
  • Cut the small front portion off the other mudguard.
  • Drilled out the right side headlight to match the damaged one in the picture.
  • Added a cable for the back deck.
  • Affixed spare panzer tracks liberated from a Trumpeter Stug III kit. The rubber tracks are better suited than link and length due to the tight curves around the road wheels.
Other than that it's built "out of the box". Construction was really simple. All parts fit well, very little flash, casting is good, instructions are very good. I've found all Trumpeter kits to be of this standard. I think they cop more flak from some modellers than they deserve, due to a couple of less than perfect kits.

The crosses were from an ICM Sd.Kfz.223 as they were about the right size and type.

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Article Last Updated: 28 November 2010

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