Pz.Kfw. IV Ausf. H (+J)

Manufacturer: Revell AG. (Kit #03119)

These scans are from some test shots of the Revell kit. They were sent in by Paolo Lavagnino. Here's what Paolo has to say:

My observations from viewing the scans:

The overall level of detail looks very good; fully up to the standards of Revell's latest releases. But I think they took a step backwards by once again molding the pioneer tools onto the hull. Unlike the Hasegawa Pz. IV's, there is a treadplate pattern molded onto the fenders. The louvres for the side engine air intakes are molded onto the fenders in the open position. I guess that they would be too thin to mold as separate parts, so the manufacturer has to choose between molded open or closed. ESCI chose closed, and Hasegawa (and this Revell kit) chose open. I would guess that any forthcoming etched brass sets will likely include replacement parts.

You can see in the right-hand scan that there is a large sprue with the wheels, and two smaller sprues. The lower sprue with the schurzen are for the Ausf. H kit, and the middle sprue (the smallest one) is for the upcoming Ausf. J. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think that the smallest sprue comes with the Ausf. H kit. I would assume that the lower sprue with the schurzen would also come with the Ausf. J kit. If it does, then that kit (when released) will have a wealth of spare parts to be used on other Panzer IV kits. It will come with early and late style idler wheels, early and late turret side doors, early and late mufflers (not to mention the first flammentoeter mufflers in 1/72nd scale).

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