Warrior MCV

Manufacturer: Revell AG. (Kit #03128)

Revell continues with their superb series of modern infantry fighting vehicles with Britain's primary armored scout vehicle, the Warrior. Although this kit represents the base version of this ubiquitous AFV, it lends itself to many conversions, and already resin manufacturers are working on add-on sets for this kit.

Sprue 1 contains the main hull and turret parts. As always, the molding is exquisite, with no flash, sinkmarks, or other imperfections on my kit. Some pioneer tools are molded separate, but some are in the hull. Some hatches are open (turret), but some are closed (hull). The main gun looks fantastic, as does most of the smaller details, except for the smoke grenade launchers, which are fairly poor. The surface detail on the hull is exceptional.

Here are most of the other hull details. The turret storage bin is necessarily molded in plastic with a mesh pattern molded onto the plastic surface. This is one item that will definitely benefit from the forthcoming etched brass detail sets for this vehicle. Once again, construction of the wheel and track assemblies will be easy, due to the multi-part hull design.

As always, the wheels and tracks are very well done.

Markings are provided for two vehicles. Again, Revell demonstrates their mastery with this kit. But in order to make it perfect, they need to open all the hatches, and provide some figures. But perhaps this is their way of keeping the resin companies in business :)

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