Crusader Mk. III

Manufacturer: Revell 03125 (ex-Hasegawa)

By Marko Mškinen.

I have often felt that one of the weak points in my modelling is in finishing, especially in simulating various effects of wear and tear. It may be that I like the neat little thingies too much in their out-of-the-box condition to deliberately damage and batter them. However, realizing the sense of life these kind of treatments may give to the model, I wanted to practice my skills in this area. So I decided to dedicate one kit completely to different aging and damaging tests. Normally I model mostly German WW II vehicles, but this time I did not let this limit the choosing of the subject. What I wanted was a nicely detailed kit from the WWII era, that would be easy to build and cheap to purchase. As such I picked up the Crusader Mk III by Revell (formerly Hasegawa). There would have been some other interesting choices in the same price range, too, but the Crusader appeared to be a very suitable model for this kind of purpose. Some of the kits structural solutions put certain limits to the process, however, and for instance the solidly molded inner road wheels prevented any "collapsed spring" experiments. I wanted the model to be somewhat consistent and story-telling in its finished state, not a collection of random bents, bumps, shell penetrations and the like. Hence the model tries to represent a vehicle, which has been in hard active use, then suffered a destructing hit and finally left to the mercies of weather and scavengers. To achieve this I did the following.

VoilŠ! The effort may not be completely satisfying, being partly overdone, partly perhaps under-done, but the benefits of the project for me personally were just what I wanted. I feel more secure to try different methods of aging and damaging with other model projects after this experiment. I believe this will be a welcome improvement in my modelling. A big thank you to Ilian Filipov for inspiration and assistance in the preparation phase of this modelling project.

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