M4A1 Sherman 76mm(w)


This was one of Revell's earliest kits, first released by Matchbox, and then later Monogram, and finally Revell AG. All of the kits are identical, except for the decals.

Although the model is actually very well molded with adequate detail, and no flash or sinkmarks, it is a highly inaccurate kit. The dimensions are totally screwed up (according to Hunnicutt's Sherman - A History of the American Medium Tank). The hull scales out close to 1/76th, while some of the parts are much larger. The wheels for example actually scale out to 1/70th.

In spite of the inaccuracies, the kit is well detailed. All of the hatches are molded open, there are no pioneer tools molded onto the hull (actually, there are none included in the kit at all), and the wheels are the early open-spoke type. Too bad they're too large.

The turret also is not shaped real well, and is a little small. The sides of the turret, immediately behind the gun mantle, are angled inward toward the top a little bit too much. It should be a little more (though not completely) vertical. The gun mantle is missing holes, lift rings and other detail. The gun does not look all that great either. ARMO has recently released a replacement 76mm gun barrel which could be used for this kit. The tracks are the steel chevron variety.

Markings are included for two tanks. The decals are very thin, matte, and sharply-printed. This scan was altered to show the light-colored markings. Actually, they are printed in a slightly dirty white color, and should look pretty good if used.

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