Review by Doug Chaltry - 29 November 2004 Kit # 03136

This new reconnaissance vehicle has barely entered service, and we are already provided with an outstanding model kit of it. I think this may be the first Fennek kit in any scale. The Fennek is the result of a joint project between The Netherlands and Germany, and is now in service with both countries in slightly different forms. This kit allows the construction of both national versions.

Because it is such a new vehicle, references for it are few and far between, but I have been able to find several photos in some books and on the web. This kit appears to be highly accurate, as to be expected from Revell's latest releases. All of the rooftop hatches are open, which is a great improvement over past kits, though the two main entrance doors on the vehicle's sides are molded closed. Not surprisingly, there is no interior detail. There are several optional parts, depending on which version you wish to build, including a couple of armament options. The optical sensor is positionable, and you have three position choices: fully retracted (hatch closed), fully extended, or partially extended. There is a sheet of very thin clear acetate to be cut into shape for use in the windows. Although this involves a little extra work for the modeler, I think that the thinness of the plastic is a huge improvement over the normally injected molded clear styrene. There is plenty of extra, so that it may be used on other kits as well, such as the Fuchs.

The detail on everything is first-rate, except I feel that the machineguns could use a little more detail. Also, this is the first Revell kit I think I've ever seen that has some sinkmarks in the plastic. There are a couple of places on the roof top that have some slight depressions in the plastic, and it's also very obvious on the ammunition bins for the grenade launcher. Luckily they are all in flat open places where they will be easy to fill.

Markings are included for one German KFOR/ISAF vehicle, and one Dutch vehicle. Overall they are well printed, though the Dutch flags are slightly out of register.


  • German Wheeled Fighting Vehicles, Concord Mini Color Series, by M. Jerchel
  • Jane's Tank and Combat Vehicles Recognition Guide, 5th ed., by C.F. Foss

Thank you very much to Revell AG for providing the review sample.

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