SLT 50-3 "Elefant" & SaAnh. 52t
Kit # 03145 Review by Simon Barnes

This is a big kit for 1/72 scale and seems to have presented problems for Revell in the Moulding. testament to this is the fact that Revell have included a second (better?) "Ladeflache" for the trailer, It seems odd that I know the German but don't know what it is called in English?

The kit is moulded to the usual Revell standards and comes on 4 large sprues with 2 being for the suspension and wheels alone, the other 2 are for the trailer and tractor. References for this are few and far between, but there is a nice photo walk around at here is a direct link Elefant

To the kit, besides this being a big kit, one of the first things I noticed, or rather what I looked for was the equipment used for securing a vehicle for transit and to my disappointment there wasn't any!

The sprue on the left is for the Trailer and the right one for the Tractor, the cab comes with a detailed interior, although the doors are moulded shut. The windows have to be cut from the Acetate sheet provided. There is a winch provided but it will need to be detailed as it is a blank drum, The loading ramps on the trailer can be modeled raised or lowered as can the trailer stands so it can be unhitched from the tractor.

This is the first load area provided on the sprue, as can be seen it suffers from several sink spots

The same holds true for the tractor rear and the cab roof.

This is the second load area included, it is better than the first but still suffers from sink spots in the same place, but this time not as bad.

the last 2 sprues cover the suspension for both the Tractor and the trailer and includes 18 wheels split in half, It is nice to see that Revell have not followed the same route as they did on the Hummer, Fennek and Dingo and have provided a tread pattern for the wheels. The suspension looks difficult with a lot of fine parts but anyone who has put the Luchs and the Tpz-1 suspensions together should have no problem with this.

Decals are provided for 5 vehicles, 2 from the Exercise "NATO Collective Effort 2004" in Poland 1 vehicle from Kosovo and 2 German based vehicle from the Technical schools in either Aachen or Augustdorf.

All in all it is a nice kit, how it scales out I am not sure, as actual measurements are hard to come by and the vehicle is broken down in such a way as to make it hard to measure unless built. As I have already mentioned reference for the vehicle is scarce, but I do believe that Revell should have included some form of tie down for vehicles in the kit as it is these will have to be sourced separately or scratch built should you want to display the vehicle carrying something, and I guess that most people will.


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Article Last Updated: 19 May 2007