M149A2C Water Buffalo (Water Tank Trailer)

Kit #: R72011 Review by Christopher Benjamin - christopherb214(at)msn(dot)com
Edited by Al Magnus

This RetroTracks kit is molded in a light pea green resin and consists of 11 parts. There is an option to have the trailer's 3rd wheel modeled in the up position for towing, or down in a resting or parked posistion. There is a small amount of flash on the parts. I also found the trailer's frame to be warped and the tank to have a less than perfect shape. The axle for the wheels was warped and out of round so it was replaced with a piece of plastic rod. I'll probably add some safety chain to the towing eye to give it some additional detail. When assembled, the trailer is less than 2 inches in length.

While searching for pictures on the web of this kit, I found the photo on the box-top right away. It's from a Army Reserve center in Dallas Texas, circa 2005.


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Article Last Updated: 01 November 2010