Taktische Zeigen der Wehrmacht Aüfklärungsabt. Satz 13
(Tactical signs for Wehrmacht Recce units, set 13)
Kit # EP689 Preview by Rob Haelterman - heman_148(at)hotmail(dot)com

Preliminary notes:
1. I had to dramatically alter the contrast in my scan to have the white decals at least show up a little.
2. For those of you wishing to hone their German spelling: Aufklärung has one Umlaut less than the title of this set.


This set provides various tactical markings for reconnaissance units of the Wehrmacht in WW2. Every decal is provided 4 to 8 times and in black and white, resp. for a pale or dark background.

I am no expert on these markings, but this is what I guess they represent (starting in the right half of the set, left to right, top to bottom, and then the four decals on the left side inside the grid):

1. I have no clue, but something on wheels.
2. The triangle represents an anti-tank unit, the flag means recce, so this must be a wheeled recce anti-tank unit ?
3. Signals platoon
4. Armored car company, wheeled. The shape seems different from what is mostly seen (it should be far less bulbous)
5. Variation of signals platoon ?
6. Wheeled "Erk" ? Perhaps "Erklärung" (which still doesn't make sense), but a rare marking anyhow.
7. Variation of signals platoon

I am sorry I cannot comment on these any better, but I guess you could use most of them on wheeled reconnaissance vehicles one way or another.

The printing is very sharp, by the way.


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Article Last Updated: 20 April 2010