Peddinghaus Decals

Canadische Panzer und Fahrzeuge in der Normandie No2

(Canadian Tanks and Vehicles in Normandy No.2)

Kit #: EP 1985 Review by - Al Magnus

This is a typical Peddinghaus offering. The images are printed on a paper sheet covered with continuous decal film, requiring them to be cut as close as possible to the printing to minimize unwanted decal film. The decals release easily and quickly from their backing paper and sit down extremely well with an application of setting solution, such as Microsol. Be warned though, the film is quite thin making the images very fragile, so try to get the decal as close as possible to its desired location and don't move them about much on the model.

A close examination of the images shows them to be a mixed bag. Solid colours, i.e. the black and white images are a perfect solid colour while the lighter shades, e.g. light blue and purple are noticeably pixelated, which is readily visible in the scan below. I'm not sure exactly why this is, but I assume it's due to them being printed on an ALPS style printer which dithers the colours. Even though the white images are dither free, they are unfortunately a tad translucent and allow backing camouflage to show through somewhat. One could find replacements for items such as the US stars but there's the chance the replacements' colour density might stand out when compared to those on this sheet.

Markings are for:

  1. Sherman Vc Firefly, CT 228712, C Squadron, 10th Armoured Regiment (The Fort Garry Horse), 2nd Canadian Armoured Brigade
  2. M14 15-cwt Halftrack, no serial number, Signals Headquarters, 5th Armoured Division
  3. Chevrolet C8A 4x4 Heavy Utility Ambulance, CA 4236751, 13th Field Hygiene Section, RCAMC 2nd Canadian Division
  4. 3-ton Ford 4x4 General Service Lorry, CL 4264634, RCASC Train assigned 9th Infantry Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division
  5. Jeep, CM 4233750, Headquarters, II Canadian Corpsreference [1]
  6. 3-ton Chevrolet 4x4 Lorry, CL 535487, 3rd Medium Regiment, 1st Army Group, Ammunition Supply, Lorry No 8
  7. 4x4 Field Artillery Tractor, CH 421755, 5th Field Regiment 3rd Battery, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division
I could only identify a single marking source, that being the Jeep, marking number 5 in the list above.


This set is not up to the standards to those of the competition. The printing is leaves something to be desired on some of the images. I can not recommend them much, though other modellers might find some, or possibly all, of the set usable.


[1] Armoured Acorn (defunct)

Review sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 05 March 2020