T100 Russian Heavy Tank

Kit # R48

Preview by Henk Timmerman - henkofholland(at)hotmail(dot)com
Edited by Rob Haelterman


Ostmodels from Tasmania has long been known as a producer of 1/76 resin kits. More recently, Ostmodels also started producing some interesting subjects in 1/72.

This heavy tank was one of the several prototypes put forward as a replacement for the aging T35. The T100 and SMK prototypes saw combat trials in Finland in the Winter War, but lost out to the KV as the new generation heavy tank. The several T100 prototypes were used as a basis for experimenting with heavy self propelled guns. Crewed by seven and weighting 58 ton, the T100 was armed with a 76.2mm L11 main gun, a 45mm tank gun and machine guns. Armor was up to 70mm.

The kit is sealed only in a plastic bag, but it arrived by mail safely packed in a sturdy cardboard box. The biggest part is the hull, which is made in one piece. All wheels, return rollers , front- and rear idlers, tracks, towing hooks etc. are separately. There are also some tools.

All of the casting blocks are already removed, and only minor sanding is necessary. There are only a few air bubbles and only some flash, which can be easily removed. The real vehicle is covered with many rivets, which are perfectly reproduced.

The correct dimensions are a little bit difficult. The dimensions found on internet are different. When you take the shortest length the model is close to 1/72, but when you take the longest length the model will be more close to 1/76.

Instructions and markings:
There are no decals, and instructions are reduced to a sheet of paper with a photo of the real tank. You may visit the Henk of Holland website, where you can find helpful images of the assembled kit.

Assembly hints:
Read the notes on the enclosed sheet.
Aligning the long line wheels (8units) must be done carefully.


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Article Last Updated: 07 February 2011