Renault NC-27
Kit # MT72809 Construction review by Rob Haelterman

For a preview of this kit, see here.

There is actually little to say about the construction of this kit. The (few) parts need little clean-up, mostly limited to the removal of a light seam or the filling of a pinhole. There is no warping and the fit is very good, which means that this is an ideal project for the weekend.

I chose the non-Japanese option with this kit. As there are no decals included, and as there is not too much info to be found, except about the specimen kept in a museum in Sweden, I followed the markings and colors given in the drawing that comes with the set (shown above). I have no idea which country this tank belongs to, or if it is even based on a picture of the real thing, but it looked good. I painted the model in Vallejo acrylics, mixing browns and greens and found the decals in a GHQ sheet for 1/285 wargaming tanks. The latter are slightly rough, and not perfectly aligned, but this did not bother me, as I guessed the tank was being tested by a potential customer who applied a temporary reference number. I decided to put the number on the turret instead of the hull, as the position on the Modell Trans drawing seemed unlikely because
- you would hardly see it, being covered by the box;
- it would get splattered with mud instantly;
- there was no room on the opposite side.

All in all, a very nice kit of a rather esoteric vehicle.


An article on OTW on how to convert the NC-27 yourself can be found here:


Sample kindly provided by Modell Trans.


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