Panther II
7.5cm or 8.8cm
Kit # MT72356 Construction Review by Tony Ivey (Panzer1946(at)msn(dot)com)
Edited by Rob Haelterman

All parts are cleanly cast and well detailed with little flash. The hull is cast in 2 pieces and all parts are well laid out on runners for ease of removal, leaving little sanding to do later.

Instructions show the built Panther II from 3 angles (note the instructions show the Panther II with the 75mm gun; you also have the option for the 88mm gun as per the box art).

The ModellTrans hull is visibly longer than the CPL Overby version (as shown on the blog from Peter-Paul) and appears to have the correct engine deck layout. I verified this against my personal photos and pictures online of the actual Panther II hull located at Ft. Knox, KY, USA.


The ModellTrans tracks and roadwheels appear to be spot on with the offset roadwheel spacing from the left and right sides as per the Panzer Tracts book and also the tracks are accurately depicted looking more like a Tiger II track.

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