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German Machine Gun MG151 (20mm) Barrels

Kit #: AM-72-015 Review by - Al Magnus

Sometimes one needs to look outside the "armour box" and see what is available in other modelling disciplines that could be adapted for military modelling. Quite often items from the aircraft world are well suited for re-purposing, and this set is a good example. Originally intended for use on aircraft, the MG151 20mm cannon was pressed into use in a variety of standard and makeshift weapons in the ground and anti-aircraft roles.

Model Master is well known for its aircraft modelling products. I do admit though, that it feels rather odd writing a review on such an uncomplicated detail set, because inside the small plastic bag all one gets is a pair of turned brass gun barrels and a small instruction sheet, itself an example of simplicity in that it has a mere 3 steps for replacing plastic model aircraft barrels with these new brass items. The barrels are exquisite and come with the muzzles pre-drilled.

According to [1], barrel length is 1104mm, which in 1/72 scale works out to 15.33mm. The second picture to the right shows one of the kit's barrels next to a metric ruler and you can see that it is just over 15mm, making it pretty darn close to 1/72 scale in my books.


Not much to say. This set has just 2 parts which are perfect. As mentioned, they are intended as replacements for MG151s in aircraft kits, but they are definitely suitable for anyone requiring a good 20mm MG151 in a military/armour project.


[1] Waffen Revue nr.10, Sept. 1973, Verlag Karl R. Pawlas, Nürnberg

Review sample purchased by the author.

To illustrate the suitability of this set beyond its intended aircraft application, I present the following scratchbuilt 2cm Flak MG151/20, which is based on an amalgamation of two photographs found in references [2] & [3]. The Master Model barrel was cut for length from the breech end to match the total gun length of 1766mm (1/72 = 24.53mm) as specified in [1].

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Article Last Updated: 30 July 2018

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