US Armour Star Insignia - Bundle Set

Kit # MM72070

Preview by Rob Haelterman

Having experimented with vinyl masks from Maketar (admittedly for aircraft markings) I concur with Maketar's statement that vinyl masks, while cheaper, suffer from "stretchability", which becomes a major problem when you have to use different masks to obtain a single marking (e.g. for a USAF insignia) and when the masks are very thin in some areas. The distortion this can create is enough to ruin the effect completely, albeit after some long and tedious work.

Undaunted, I bought more masks (this set and some more aircraft sets), but this time in kabuki paper, which, according to the manufacturer, doesn't deform. Kabuki is a bit more expensive, but I hope that at least this time the result will be convincing. I'll let you know in due course.

So why use masks, and not decals? For me there are various reasons:
- sometimes you just can't find the decals in the right color or size (especially when you want to create what-if-markings)
- if done well, the result is more realistic than decals
- re-usability
- possibility to create fuzzy edges (e.g. when the original paintjob was rushed)

The downside is that masks are more difficult to apply over complex areas and take more time.

Below is a scan of the six sheets included in this set. Admittedly, not much can be seen as the masks are laser cut, making for some very fine edges. The picture at the top of this preview is better suited to show what you wil be getting.
Thinking outside the box, this set can also be used to make red stars for Soviet AFV (and even aircraft) and will probably also work for some 1/144 and 1/48 projects.

Sample bought by author.

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Article Last Updated: 01 March 2015

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