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Cobblestone Standard

Kit #: MP 72-085 Review by Al Magnus - one72guy(at)hotmail.com
Edited by Al Magnus

Base is a single slab of light yellowish coloured resin. Dimensions are 112mm (4.4in) long by 74mm (2.9in) wide. The resin showed no pinholes or major blemishes though a few wouldn't detract from the overall look since I would suspect that a real cobblestone road would have a few due to freeze/thaw during the spring and autumn seasons. A few of the stones stand proud above the surface adding a tad more realism to the road surface.

As you can see below I chose to paint my base in grey tones. I'm sure that it would look equally as good painted in brown tones. To me it looks to be a very realistic representation of a section of cobblestone road surface, but I do have to admit that the closest I've come to a real cobblestone road would be one made of a brick.

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Article Last Updated: 30 May 2011

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