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Type 94

Japanese tankette with trailers

Set #: 72045 Review Simon Ashford simon(dot)jashford(at)btinternet(dot)com
Edited by Marc Mercier

This model comes in a generously sized, sturdy cardboard box, with box art showing a tankette towing the general purpose box trailer, both in an overall grass green scheme.
The box contains 4 plastic bags, 1 each for the tankette, the 2 patterns of trailers and 1 containing the decals and PE.

There is a 4 page instruction sheet, which seems clear and straightforward. On the first page there are photos of the various sprues (called Ramka in Polish), but I note that the image of sprue E does not actually match the sprue. However I do not see that this should pose a problem for most modellers. The actual instructions show the correct part. The final page lays out a 4 colour scheme for a 1937 vehicle, including 3 views of the GP box trailer, and 1 of the enclosed trailer. I believe that the decal sheet provides more markings than are depicted either here, or in the box art.

At this point I have to comment that I noted that I was missing 1 sprue with a mispacked replacement. I contacted my supplier by email, copying in the manufacturer, who, within 24 hours had promised a replacement, which was received in days. Customer service is what happens when there is a problem.



Looking at the parts on the sprues they all seem cleanly moulded, with no flash. Considering the exploded view instructions I am not anticipating any issues in assembly.

The driver’s hatches and the commander’s hatch are separate items, allowing them to be modelled open, but that leads to my only criticism, the lack of crew figures for a vehicle rarely seen buttoned up. The door in the hull rear is moulded integrally with the hull, but if you really want that open it can be done – long and involved but possible if you are that committed.

The PE is straight forward with only 1 element of forming which should be quite simple.

Here are the sprues that make up the vehicle itself :



Here are the sprues for both types of trailers :

Overall this looks to be a model with lots of potential, and I am looking forward to assembling it.

Preview sample purchased by the author.

This model can be purchased from Tracks & Troops

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Article Last Updated: 19 October 2017