Bedford QLD
3-ton 4x4 General Service


Set #: 72001 Review Rob Haelterman

The Bedford QLD was the general purpose vehicle in the QL series, and was the most numerous variant thereof. It was produced from 1940 to 1945.

This model comes in a generously sized, sturdy, top-opening cardboard box. Inside there are two sprues (one for the chassis and cab, one for the cargo bed and tarp) and a clear acetate sheet for the windows. The parts are generally well molded without flash or other deficiencies, except for one of the wheels (which is best kept for the better hidden spare wheel) and the fuel tank. The update set by MPK contains better wheels (and especially tyres) and a new fuel tank, and will solve this problem.

The kit appears to represent a QLD vehicle produced after mid-1942, as the central radiator strip and circular name plate are absent. Normally, the latter should have been replaced with a rectangular plate, but this is missing. It is present on the replacement parts by MPK, however.
An engine with radiator is provided, but I am afraid little will be seen once the vehicle has been completed, and while the above mentioned MPK update sets includes an improved grille, the real see-through effect can only be obtained with PE, which is currently unavailable.

The front fender supports (seen on the boxtop, but not in the parts) also indicate a later vehicle, as are the larger flanges on the axle stubs used to hoist the vehicle onto a ship.



There is a 5-page instruction sheet, which seems clear and straightforward. On the first page there are photos of the various sprues.
Different construction options are given for the cargo bed: with or without tarp. In case the tarp is left off, the supporting frame can be installed instead. The tarp itself is rather lifeless, in my opinion.
Part 42 seems to be the AA mount, but I believe this is an optional feature.
The rearview mirrors appear too large to represent wartime items, but do not quite correspond in shape to the post-war type. (The ones on the boxtop seem more accurate.)
Minor details that are missing are the windscreen wipers, turn indicators, ridges on the edge of the fenders, gas detection panel and tow shackles. Apart from the gas detection panel, all these items can be seen on the boxtop, however.

6 Marking options are given, all of them for Polish units. As the decals are meant for kits 72001 and 72002 (the QLR), there are a few decals that are surplus to requirements in this kit.
The decals are crisply printed and in register.


Overall this looks to be a model with lots of potential, and I am looking forward to assembling it (especially as MPK was so kind to send me a review sample of the update set).

Preview sample purchased by the author.

This model can be purchased from Tracks & Troops

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Article Last Updated: 16 February 2018