Small Vehicle Bases 3 Pack

Kit #: R-009 Review by - Al Magnus

This will be a quick and short review. This set of bases from HQ72 is labeled "Small Vehicle Bases 3 Pack", and I can definitively state this description is spot on. You get a set of 3 resin bases, roughly oval in shape, and very trim dimension wise. Each base has a different pattern. One is a brick road with a small section of sidewalk on one side. It measures approx. 89.7mm by 66mm. The second is a brick road with a small section of dirt on one side. It measures roughly 87.8mm by 67.5mm. The third base is a dirt road with a thin brick edging. It measures approx. 99mm by 66mm. As you can see their petite dimensions definitely limits the size of the vehicle you can place on top.

Overall, the casting is generally good. Both brick road bases had some pin holes to fill, which was easily accomplished using some Vallejo Plastic Putty 70.401. After that it was a simple task of painting them with Testors enamels sprayed directly from the can for a base coat, and then adding detail with various Vallejo and craft store acrylic paints. Some light & dark coloured washes, followed by a flat coat, and they're pretty much done.


Not a lot of work to get some great looking bases to display your model on, which was perfect for me while I suffered through a nasty cold and didn't have the energy to tackle something more demanding.

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Article Last Updated: 09 March 2020

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