Small Vehicle Bases 3 Pack

Kit #: AC-027 Review by - Al Magnus

This will be a quick and short review. This package from HQ72 contains one base labeled "Cobblestone Street Section". The base is cast in resin, rectangular in shape, with dimensions being approx. 4¾" (12cm) long x 3⅞" (9.7cm) wide. The cobblestones are staggered and there is a small sewer grate cast into the base.

Overall, the casting is generally good. There were a few pin holes to fill, which should be quite easy to fill. This wasn't something I had to deal with as I used my base to mount a modified Hasegawa Pz.Kpfw.IV as a dug in bunker. The result was a fairly large section of the road was removed to mount the upper portion of the hull and blending it into the road with surrounding dirt and rocks pretty much covered the complete base along with the few bubbles.


Not a lot of work to get a great looking base on which to display your model. It's decent size will provide plenty of options for the modeller as to what can be placed on it.

Review sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 27 February 2021

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