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Renault FT 75BS

Kit #: FH 3001 Review by - Al Magnus

The Kit

A preview of this kit by Francesco Giovagnorio can be seen here.

The Build

Due to the kit's excellent detail I chose to build my FT out-of-the-box as I had done for the Berliet turret version, kit no. FH3001 (My review can be seen here). Once again the instructions were followed for the most part. Below, I'll just describe the high points of the build that differed from my previous FT build.

Step 1. This step has you remove the parts of the turret ring that hang over the edge of the hull (part G-1) to allow the casemate's base (part Q-3) to fit. Use the base as a template to mark what needs to be removed.

Steps 2 & 3. With one Flyhawk FT under my belt, I had no trouble assembling the PE parts. This time around I added the track pieces (parts D1 & D2) before painting to see if this method would ease painting. Doing so made getting paint between parts a tad more difficult, so I'd suggest it's easier to keep the tracks and bogie sub-assemblies separate and join them towards the end of the build.

For tank 68330, use idler wheels (part A-9) and drive sprocket (part A-10) as per reference [1].

The bogey units are molded with the supporting beam for the tracks/idler/sprocket/bogies that runs from front to back between the rear drive sprocket and the front idler, and once again the seam it produces following gluing is not the best. This time I trimmed the detail from the top of parts A-5 & A-6 beforehand. Doing this gouged large pieces from the beam, but since I was going to fill and sand it anyway, the gouges were not an issue. The trimmed parts were re-attached after removing the excess plastic from their bottoms.

At Step 7, I chose to not to attach part Q6 onto the gun. It wasn't going to be seen with the turret's side and top hatch doors closed. Flyhawk has a nice deep opening already done for the cannon muzzle saving me from having to drill it deeper.


Another winner from Flyhawk. The additional parts for the 75BS version along with the original parts from Flyhawk's earlier FTs makes for an easy build and a great display model even when built out-of-the-box. Those wishing to add more detail could look at adding towing chains, replacing the springs on the suspension, and maybe some stowage on the rear skid.


[1] Trackstory No.10: Renault FT, Pascal Danjou, Editions Du Barbotin, 2009 ISBN-10: 2952098875 ISBN-13: 978-2952098878 (photograph of 68330 below)

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