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I think this is the only kit that the company produces at the moment, which is a shame as it is a real gem. It is the cutest kit I have in my collection and I was hoping that Slawek and the guys of ESO would produce other Polish vehicles of the 1939 campaign.

(For a sprue of the scans and a general appreciation, see Doug Chaltry's preview. )

The Kit:

Though not for beginners this is a lovely little kit to put together. Particular care is required around the suspension as it is very delicate and the tracks come in link and length around the drive sprockets! Fit of parts is nice; however, a little filler will be required in areas. All and all a sweet build.


I'm not an expert at working out exact sizes and details; however, I did try to detail this little one a bit. In some of the upper hull areas additional rivets can be added. I marked them in pencil and pin viced tiny holes; then using alternate colours of black and white I built up the rivets; then I matt varnished them for strength. Also I replaced some of the finer details, access hatches and also handles, as well as hinge detail and outer machine gun mount (not shown). I added a full interior, stupidly, as not a thing can be seen when the kit is put together and I will be adding crew figures in situ. But it was fun anyway.


This is a really nice little kit and if your looking for a good example of either of the versions offered in the box it's a fun build.


Essential if you're planning on detailing this little one there are a couple of nice books on the Polish Tankettes available that mainly center around a restored TKS.

Militaria i FAKTY 31: Czolg Rozpoznawczy TK-S
Militaria i FAKTY 33: Czolg Rozpoznawczy TK-S cz.2

And I found this as an added bonus

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Article Last Updated: 08 May 2009

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