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Modell Trans Panzer Ib tracks

Esci Kit #: 8041 & Modell Trans Kit #: MT72014 Review by Christopher Benjamin - christopherb214(at)
This model was based on the old ESCI classic kit #8041, GERMAN COMMAND TANK KL.PZ.BEF.WG. Ib. I used the picture to the left as the reference for the build.

I used an 18 gauge needle with the tip ground off to knock out some bolt heads from thin styrene sheet plastic. They were glued to the machine gun cover plate.

The Modell Trans resin track set (MT72014) was used for the Panzer I. Be carefull as there is only enough track run for each side and no extra. The tracks are molded to the sprockets and idlers for ease of construction. Watch out for the direction of the track run. I didn't. They are so small though, it would take a really good eye to see the mistake.

You can also see I thinned the side doors down. A flag was made from masking tape then super glued to a streched sprue antenna. The kit's antenna box is molded solid, so I used the girder from the Esci Diorama set steel beach obsticle to make a new one. I made a jerry can holder for the gas can on the rear of the tank. The figure is from Prieser set #72515.

Skytrex decals set #AD84 supplied the Red Cross markings. I used four of the smallest red crosses in white circle decals and two red crosses with black outline. There over 40 of the black outlined crosses alone! The Skytrex decals worked fine and I put a little Micro Set on them just to be sure they would not silver. I can't see any other markings on the tank in the reference photo, so no more were added though I'm sure there are other markings on the real one somewhere.

I used Gunze Panzer Grey H401 as a base color and sprayed a lightened version over it. The tank was drybrushed various colors. The flag was painted Light Gull Grey as white is too stark and a real flag would get dirty in the field quite fast.

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Article Last Updated: 01 November 2009

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