Tiger II July '45
Set # 72001 Review by Doug Chaltry

When I was contacted by Coelian Models about this conversion set, my first question was "What the heck is a July 1945 conversion of a Tiger II?" The answer is in Military Modeling Magazine, Vol. 31 No. 3, 2001. Apparently, there were many improvements planned to be made to the King Tiger had the war not ended when it did, and this set is meant to represent the changes that would be visible on a small scale model.

As seen in the above scan, the set consists of two parts, a new turret and an engine deck. Each of these parts has been suitably modified to reflect the appropriate changes, and are very nicely cast in a delicate resin; there are some cracks in the commander's cupola because I accidently set a box of books on top of the package containing this set :-{ That will be easy enough to fix.

This set will work equally well with either the Revell or Italeri King Tiger kits, and likely with other future Tiger II kits as well. This is the first set from this new company, and if it is indicative of things to come from them, I think they will do very well.

Thank you Coelian Models for the providing the review item.

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Last Updated: 6 February 2004