Panther A (Early)
Set # 72003 Review by Doug Chaltry
This is a very simple set, yet one with very high value. As most of you know, the Revell Panther A kit, although a very nice model, and the best Panther A available, has several accuracy flaws. This new conversion set from Coelian Models corrects those flaws, and incorporates zimmerit into the production as well.

The set consists of two parts, as seen above. The hull is complete, and very simply replaces the kit hull, with the modeler only having to add the wheel and track assemblies, and other smaller details. The contour of the hull side has been corrected, the with "step" in the side armor plate better replicated here. Although I would have liked to have seen the grates on the engine fans corrected (they are currently spiralling in the wrong direction), I imagine that this would have been quite tough to do.

The hull is basically that of an Ausf. D, with the second periscope for the radio operator and the early style machinegun cover plate, which was seen on very early Panther As. The turret has been modified by correcting the commander's cupola (seven periscopes instead of the six that came on the kit part) and the addition of pistol ports (with rain guards) on the turret sides and rear.

The most impressive aspect of this kit is the zimmerit coating, which is done with a delicacy that I find very appealing. The pattern is very in-scale, and there are clear spots where hull stowage is to be attached. This is some of the best zimmerit I have seen on a kit in this scale.

My only reservation about this set is the heavy resin plugs under the right fender. While the plugs under the sponson will be able to be removed fairly easily, I am concerned about the block attached to the underside of the mud flap. Great care will be needed to remove this without shattering the mud flap.

Thank You very much to Coelian Models for sending in the review sample.

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Last Updated: 4 April 2004