Cannone da 254/40 su affusto De Stefano

Kit # 72035 Review by Francesco Giovagnorio

Building experience:
As I wrote in the preview, there is a very small amount of pieces which need to be assembled. There are no short shots or pin holes, and the model itself is very well engineered, so that every piece, as small as it might be, falls exactly where it should.

The only critical steps are: the lower gun barrels shows signs of casting which need some work, because they WILL BE visible; you should mount every piece which must go between the two lateral halves of the De Stefano chassis before glueing them to the lower carriage (this is not obvious by looking at the instructions, where it seems that you must glue the entire chassis during stage one).

Finishing the model
The color of every Italian vehicle during WWI was grigio-verde (gray-green), whose exact hue is difficult to determine, so almost every not-so-dark field gray would do. I do not think there was any numbering or symbols painted over the gun.

Weathering is necessary because those guns did undergo some sort of heavy use under every possible climatic condition, so do your best with many layes of black/dark brown washing, light green drybrushing, gun metal and pigments. Do not forget that the outer rim of the wheels, along with the rail tops, were highly polished from continuous friction during movement, so they should be painted in polished steel or silver.

Preview sample provided by GB Modelli


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Article Last Updated: 07 October 2015

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