Panzer 38(t) Ausf. C

Manufacturer: ATTACK (Kit No. 72804)

As one can see from the scanned kit parts, this is a limited-run kit. Consequently, the casting quality of the parts should not be expected to meet the standards of first-run kits, and it does not. Some of the small detail parts are a little crude, as the following scan shows:

Additionally, there is a lot of flash on some parts. However, the quality of the masters used to make this kit is top notch. The surface detail on most of the parts, especially the hull parts and the wheels, is very good:

The engineering of the kit is a little unconventional, and I have read that some people have had trouble getting the hull parts to fit nice and neat. Apparently, the trick to keeping all the fine rivet detail, is to bevel the inside edges of the main hull parts where they meet at corners, thereby eliminating (or greatly reducing) the necessary amount of sanding seams.

The kit comes with a very comprehensive decal sheet, with markings for nine different Panzer divisions, two styles of balkenkreuze, and the ability to make three styles of numbers. This is the same decal sheet that comes with the Ausf. G version of this kit, so I am not sure which divisions used which version of the vehicle. Note that the quality of the decals is better than shown in the picture, as I had to adjust the picture's brightness and contrast in order to get the white decals to show up. The instructions, although not Hasegawa quality, are not too bad.

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