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Marmon Herrington Mk. II ME

Kit #: 72926 Preview by Tony Mackinder - tmackinder(at)mola(dot)org(dot)uk
Edited by Al Magnus


This is the British ME ("Middle East") version of the South African produced armoured car that had a redesigned turret and was up-gunned with a Boys anti-tank rifle. It was used extensively in the 1940-41 desert campaigns and some captured examples were used by the Germans and Italians.

What's in the box?

A more detailed kit with full interior is available (72915) with PE and resin parts but this is the standard version. A bit simplified and there is a small amount of flash around some of the smaller parts. The engine doors come as one piece, but you could open them up and fit the headlights and the radiator to fill the void behind them as both come with the kit though indicated as "parts not used". The turret flaps also come as one piece and the Bren gun and the Boys anti-tank rifle are detailed so could be displayed inside.

Decals are for three different vehicles of the 2nd New Zealand Division's cavalry regiment in Greece 1941 or a vehicle of the King's Dragoon Guards (11th Hussars) in Egypt. All vehicles require the Caunter scheme of geometric camouflage which is a challenge at this scale!

If I open the engine doors, replicate the Caunter scheme and add some stowage this should look good. I think I also have a spare figure from the Matchbox LRDG set in that distinctive NZ hat.

The second reference is very detailed covering all versions of the Marmon-Herrington and has more colour profiles showing the Mk II was also used by South African, Free French, Polish and Greek units in the desert theatre.


[1] Armor camouflage and markings of the 2nd New Zealand Division Part 1: Greece & North Africa, Jeffrey Plowman, Model Centrum Progres 2006
[2] Marmon-Herrington: A history of the South African Armoured Car, William Marshall, Model Centrum Progres 2013

Preview sample purchased by the author.

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Article Last Updated: 13 May 2020