Hetzer 32-bolt Running Wheels
Kit # 72348 Review by Doug Chaltry
Two styles of roadwheel were seen on the Jagdpanzer 38(t) "Hetzer". The early style is pictured here, and had 32 bolts attaching the wheel disk to the rim. In December 1944, manufacture switched to wheels with 16 rivets instead of 32 bolts to simplify production (the other Attack set is labeled "16-bolt", but they are in fact, rivets). Despite being an early design for wheel manufacture, these wheels were seen on Hetzers to the end of the war. I would imagine that it was also possible to see a mix of the two wheel styles on a single vehicle as replacements were needed.

These resin wheels are pretty well made. There are a few minor pinholes in the resin, but nothing that can't be fixed. In fact, the one hole seen on the upper left wheel simply looks like a missing bolt, which often happened. Although my Hetzer kits are packed away, I am guessing that these wheels are meant to directly replace the plastic wheels in the UM Hetzer (early) kit, as that kit includes rather simplified late wheels. They will likely work just as well for the ESCI and Attack models, perhaps with a little modification to the mounting holes.

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Article Last Updated: 29 March 2009