3.7cm Pak 35/36

Kit # S72001 Preview by R. Haelterman

Historical background:

For an overview of the Pak36 and its siblings, I'd like to refer to Al Magnus' research (here and here).



What is inside the "box"

This is the first release in Attack's "Small Pack" series and replaces its previous resin release (AT72302) of the same gun. (Never mind that the cardboard backing of the blister still says "resin kit".)
Although I do not have seen the resin kit, the pictures I found would indicate that both are very similar after construction.

What we get in this blister are two Pak 36 with the stepped barrel and alternating lug type tyres. (The alternation is not very pronounced, though.)
For the record: while a number of manufacturers have included Pak 36s with other guns or vehicles, ACE, First to Fight, ICM, MAC and Zvezda have previously released individual sets of the Pak 35/36. (Thanks to Doug Chaltry for the info.)

The parts have a "limited run" feel to them, with rather pronounced sprue gates and mold seams (where the two halves of the molds meet) that are sometimes prominent, especially on the tyre faces.
Detail is abundant, though rather soft.



Instructions, decals and painting schemes

Two parts are not for use. While I was unable to identify why they were included in the first place, Yannis Papageorgiou tells us that they are for kit 72SE20 (Pz Jäg I mit 3.7cm).



During construction it became clear that the tiny instruction sheet leaves quite a bit to the imagination, and I had to resort to many reference pictures to get a better idea where to put some of the smaller parts. Many parts have no locating holes, pegs or whatever, which doesn't really help.

To enhance the kit:

  • I drilled out the muzzle of the gun and sanded down the barrel to a rounder shape. As delivered, the barrel was rather oval in cross section
  • I drilled out the towing eye (as the instructions recommend).

Note that the stamped cross on the protective shield to the left and rear of the breachblock is stamped towards the hollow inside. At first I thought this was wrong, but it seems that on some guns it was stamped towards the inside, while on others it was stamped towards the outside. Of course, we need to assume that both parts are original in the pictures. Wartime pictures showing this part clearly are difficult to find (there's always something or someone in the way), but most (all ?) show the part to be stamped towards the inside.

What I am sure of, though, is that the instructions show part 10 (the central axle part) upside down when attaching the lower gun shield and outrigger arms. Part 7 should go on top, as should the towing eyes on parts 1 and 2.
When almost done, I discovered that I had forgotten to add the handle bars to the outrigger spades and decided not to bother anymore.

For those who are looking for a challenge, note that the top of the gun shield could be lowered and that the bottom of the lower gun shield should be raised when the gun is being towed or positioned. (Actually, I think that it would be difficult/dangerous to tow the gun with the lower shield in position, even though very few kit instructions point this out.)




Preview sample provided by Attack.


This model can be purchased from Tracks & Troops

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17 July 2016
18 November 2018

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