PzKpfw II Ausf.C

Kit # 72892 Preview by F. Giovagnorio

Historical background:

The Ausf. C, which appeared in June 1938, was the most largely available German tank during the early war (until 1940). This version was up-armored significantly, notably with extra plates bolted to the frontal glacis (which lost its rounded shape, gaining a "squared off" appearance) and to the turret, with plates added to the mantlet and extending to top and bottom. Other improvements included a commander's cupola with eight episcopes and a turret ring protection. Apparently, these modifications were gradually added both to existing vehicles and to newly produced ones, so that it was common to see tanks showing only some modifications but not others. A detailed analysis of the Ausf. C version can be found here.

What is inside the box

Inside the cardboard open-top box, there are five plastic sprues, two groups of resin pieces and two finely casted metal barrels, which is something Attack seems to be adding to every kit of this new Profi serie.

Once again, Attack rightly chooses as the basis of this kit their Panzer II chassis, based on which they have released every version from Ausf. A to Ausf. c, included "special" vehicles as the Ladungsleger on the Panzer II chassis and the Panzer II with the 3.7cm gun.

Details are abundant and crisp everywhere. Unfortunately, tools are not provided as separate parts, but at least they are well sculpted with acceptable relief. These three sprues contain parts which are common to every Pz.Kpfw. II, so you can see that the ventilation grills are separate (so you can choose between the Ausf. A-C and Ausf. F patterns) and that you get two idler wheels (again, one for the Ausf. A-C and one for the Ausf. F). Tracks are well detailed, considering the scale.

Parts specific for the Ausf. C version are contained in the remaining two sprues: turret with cupola, extra armor for the mantlet, extra armor for the glacis with the up-armored driver's vision port, turret ring protection.

It is obvious that Attack supplies every piece peculiar to the Ausf. C version: by adding them all, a late Ausf. C can be built, which is consistent with the timeframe reported on the box front (Jugoslavian-Greek campaign, 1941). Building an early Ausf. C is not possible, because of the "squared off" nose and the commander's cupola.

The smallest and finest parts are supplied in resin: curved parts of tracks to be mounted around sprockets and idlers, gun barrels (which you will want to substitute with the metal ones), smoke candels rack, jack, muffler protection.


Instructions, decals and painting schemes

Instructions are simple but complete. Decals are enough to complete five different versions, operating during the Balkan war in 1941.

This looks like another winner from Attack, which confirms to be back into action with a kit that can be considered as the best Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. C in the market. Attack has plans to propose other versions of the Panzer II, as well as other versions of the Ausf. C itself with decals for vehicles operating in different theatres.

Preview sample provided by Attack.


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Article Last Updated: 02 December 2015