German WW II Ammunition Set #2

Kit # 72322

Preview by Doug Chaltry & Rob Haelterman

I (Doug) was very surprised when I opened this set, because the quality of it is much higher than previous Attack resin sets I had seen before my purchase (in 2005AD). There are no air bubbles or other flaws of any kind in this resin. It is all perfectly cast. Three types of ammunition are included:

  • 8.8cm Pzgr.Patr. 39 KwK 43 for Jagdpanther, King Tiger, Elefant/Ferdinand, Hornisse/Nashorn, etc. Note that this gun did not use the same ammo as the earlier 8.8cm KwK36 L/56 (used on the Tiger I) and the Flak 18/36/37.
  • 7.5cm Pzgr.Patr. 37 KwK 37 for Pz. IV Ausf A - Ausf F1, Sd.Kfz. 233, Sd.Kfz. 251/9, etc. (This is the short barelled L/24 gun, aka Stummel.)
  • 7.5cm Pzgr.Patr. 39 KwK 40 for late Pz. IV Ausf F2 - Ausf J and Stug III G, etc. (This is the long barelled L/48 gun.)

The set comes with 10 rounds of 8.8cm ammo, one empty shell case, five open boxes, three closed boxes and six closed shipping tubes. For the 7.5cm long, we get 10 whole rounds, one empty shell, five open boxes, and three closed boxes. And finally for the short 7.5cm, we have 10 complete rounds, one empty shell, and 11 shipping tubes.

Comparing the accuracy of the sets, we have

  • KwK43: real cartridge length 822mm; resin part: 11.2mm, i.e. 806 scale mm, thus 2% underscale. Shape looks ok and is closest to a PzGr.Patr.43. The neck is perhaps a bit over-pronounced.
  • KwK37: real cartridge length 243mm; resin part: 3.3mm, i.e. 238 scale mm, thus 2% underscale. Shape looks ok and is closest to a Gr.Patr.38 HI/C. The neck is perhaps a bit over-pronounced.
  • KwK40: real cartridge length 495mm; resin part: 7.2mm, i.e. 518 scale mm, thus 4.5% overscale. Shape looks ok and is closest to a PzGr.Patr.39, but would serve for a Sprgr.Patr.38 Nbgr.Patr or Gr.Patr.38 HI/B.

Note that the tips of these rounds have a needle-like extension. This is not a fuse, but part of the casting process, and should be sanded off.

This is some of the best ammunition we have seen, equally as good as the turned brass shells from Schatton, and much better than the resin Goffy shells.

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Article Last Updated:
27 March 2005
13 August 2013