FIAT 508c Militare

By Faustnik - jmqtv(at)

Manufacturer: AL.BY Miniatures (Kit #758)



Another excellent kit from AL.BY, this time an Italian vehicle, used from 19** till 1950, in several hands and painting schemes.

As any resin kit, some cleaning of the parts is needed, but this is almost absent from my model as no air bubbles or warping of parts was visible.

With few pieces this is a marvel to build, so you will encounter no problems in this area. In the resin kits, I always use super-glue. In my model, I substituted the resin hood, with one build with fine copper wire, for the structure, and some paper tissue.

During the building process I lost the original windshield, so I remade it with some plastic around clear plastic. As always after spending some time with it, and gluing the piece into position, I find the original piece…

I painted my model in German colours, as one of the vehicles confiscated by the Waffen-SS in September/October 1943, after Italy's surrender, as a lot of these vehicles ended in the hands of German units, in more or less official terms. For the base I used Humbrol enamels Matt 83, with a camouflage in green (Matt 30) and Red-Brown (Matt ) after this, I drybrushed it with the base colour, and use some pastels for the shading.


As far as scale is concern, using the available data the overall dimensions are at 1:72.

A nice model of a neglected vehicle, and as Italian vehicles are so rare, I only ask for more.

Highly Recommended

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