Manufacturer: ADV Mini (Kit #72009)

ADV Mini kits are some of the best resin kits I have seen. I own this VAB and the ERC 90, and both are of exceptional quality. The kit is all resin, and is composed of 17 parts. It was quite easy to assemble, even though the instructions are a little vague. But they are good enough to get the job done. The resin is extremely high quality, with no imperfections, and the detail is superb.

I added some rear view mirrors, hand holds, and tiny wire tie-downs above the tires. Interestingly enough, the photo of the completed kit on the box cover shows the vehicle with windshield visors. However, these are not included with the kit. I had to scratchbuild mine out of sheet plastic and short lengths of brass wire glued to the plastic in the distinctive X pattern.

No decals are included in the kit, nor are any painting instructions. I painted mine in the same pattern as the example on the box front, and as of now, it is still without markings.

I measured the kit and compared it with the dimensions included in Jane's Tank Recognition Guide. The width and height of the vehicle match 1/72nd scale perfectly, but the book does not contain length measurements for the NBC (Nuclear/Biological/Chemical) version of the VAB. Based on the high degree of accuracy of the rest of the kit, I assume that the length is also correct. This is a highly recommended kit.

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